Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are we looking back....

After a few days of burning sunlight, the sun is behind the clouds today, with a gentle drizzel of rain too that does not stop me to add a note on the essential principle that we have to live by today. Quality, process and compliance were seen as the cornerstone of business excellence not long ago. Today, it's only cutting cost, layoffs, pinkslips and so on. Wake up regulatory authorities. What are all those so called companies that benchmark their performance to industry standards and regulations doing about keeping jobs intact. Remember Deming's theory of Chain Reaction...Improve quality ----> Decrease cost because of less re-work----> Thereby improving productivity------> thereby capturing market share with better quality and lower price ----> thereby staying in business -----> thereby provide jobs and more jobs. We have all forgoten Demings 14 points and 7 deadly sins. Time to wake up and take a re-look at this is vital to survive in today's gobal mealtdown days.

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